My Place

When I bought my first miniature horse (Dooby) I only had a small house with one acre of land and a garden shed in the back yard. I kept my Quarter Horse, Otoe’s Candy Leo (Bee) at a friends barn. He was getting


on in years, about 22 and in retirement. I bought Bee when he was a weanling. I trained him, showed him, trail rode,     and went swimming at the beach with him. He taught me so much, was a great friend and never let me down.

Dooby was going to go and live at my friend Carolyn Millers because I only have one acre and the town doesn’t allow horses on any less than five acres, besides I spent a lot of time at her place. But Dooby lived his first year in a herd and was wild and scared of people. I decided to sneak him into my back yard and do a little training before I moved him to Carolyns. Needless to say he never moved. I had so much fun training

him and playing with him that I coulden’t give him up. Besides, he is smaller than my Great Dane (Gabby) and my neighbors loved him. I bought a couple more horses and took in a few horses to train and show, the shed grew into a six stall barn and fence went up. Six

Dooby & Gabby

years later everything was great untill the house next door went up for sale.The demon from ..ell moved in knowing there were horses next door. Shortly after the Zoning officer was at my door and said they have to go. I hired a lawyer, petitioned thirty some neighbors, got letters from vets and took Dooby into the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting. After much discussion, my lawyer asked Dooby if he was a pet, and he vigorously nodded his head yes. We won, and the dope next door never came to the meeting. Two years ago I bought this five acre farm with a nice log cabin that joins my friend Teri’s five acres. I put up lots of fence for my horses to run and play and eat.

Dad & Dooby

This site is dedicated to the memory of my father, Robert Goguey who taught me the meaning of unconditional love and understanding. He assisted me in feeding my addiction to horses and all animals. He taught me how to ride and how to care for them. It is because of him that I now have the modest farm that I have always dreamed about.