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Horse Kiss Anim.

These little animals are born into this world totally dependent on us. They have no choices in their lives. They look to us for food, shelter, and affection. All creatures if in our possession need and deserve our love, care and attention. We breed them and bring them into this world and must take responsibility for what we create.


Everyone should have loving hands to hold them and make them feel secure.


We all need a friend, someone to give us a hug.


A warm and cozy place to rest our head.


A place to kick back, relax and put our feet up.

Two Pups

A friend to talk to and watch out for you.

Puppy Ears

Someone who will listen to your problems.

Please be kind to your creations. They are living, breathing, beings that respond best to love and affection.They are not meant to be tied, caged, or stalled twenty three hours a day for the rest of their lives. Remember, you get out what you put in. There are far too many horses ( big and small ) at the slaughter houses. There are way too many dogs and cats at the pounds.

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